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The Team Challenge is a cost-effective, online wellbeing program that maximizes employee engagement, morale and team spirit and makes a real difference to employees lives, both at work and home.

It’s a highly visible, tangible demonstration that you care about employee wellbeing and counters the negative effects of an increasingly sedentary workforce.

The personalised nature of the program overcomes the biggest barrier to the success of any wellness initiative by generating high uptake and completion rates, resulting in happier, healthier, more productive employees.

If you are looking for an initiative that enhances your employment brand by making your employee wellbeing value proposition stand out from the pack then contact us today to discuss how we can customise a challenge for you.

Proven Results:

Companies using the Challenge as a key part of their employee wellbeing programs have won national awards for the effectiveness of their corporate wellbeing strategy

"The Challenge was a great way to motivate you to exercise! I loved the videos, and I learned something about places around the world every week too. So much fun, and really exciting!" Fiona, Fisher and Paykel Finance employee

"This really was a lot of fun to complete and a good way to engage people who are normally not very active. This sort of group wide interaction and friendly competition can only improve on division relationships. Great concept." Steve, Fisher and Paykel Finance employee

"The animation of the challenge made it enjoyable to participate in. Liked the ready-made non pedometer activities. Have certainly made more effort over the last couple of months to be more active - so a great initiative & loved working with colleagues on the challenge" Sarah, Bupa Australia employee

"Loved it! Best motivation ever. I've never done this much exercise consistently ever! Wish it hadn't finished." John, Bupa Australia employee

"The challenge is the best initative we've ever launched for the benefit of our staff. It helped reduce unscheduled absenteeism from 4% to 2.75% saving $625,000 p.a and providing a program R.O.I of 380%. Not to mention helping us win two national awards for our employee wellness program" Syd Sykes, Health & Safety Manager
Manukau City Council