How the Team Wellbeing Challenge works

Getting started

We create a Challenge for your people, customised with your branding and run at a time of your choosing for a length that suits your business workflows. For many clients we incorporate employees leaving their buildings in the start video and an avatar of their CEO delivering a personalised message of congratulations in the finish video.

Promotion and registration

We develop promotional material for you to release to your employees. To maximise uptake and ensure nobody misses out, team’s can be made up of between 3 and 8 employees. Registration is fully automated via the Challenge website so there is no administrative headache and you can access real time reports and statistics.

Getting active

Entrants are provided Pedometers to track their steps and set a daily target to ensure they complete all stages of the Challenge before the course closes. As well as steps, they enter all non- pedometer wearing activity such as water sports, gym classes, yoga etc. to experience their virtual adventure. To create a level playing field there is a Division for the less active and an Advanced Division for your “Weekend Warriors”

Improving eating habits and assisting with weight loss

Simple changes to eating habits can make a big difference to how people feel and function each day so employees are encouraged to enter the optional integrated Nutrition Challenge (and if they are looking for assistance to lose weight they can also use the weight loss tools available).

Participants in the nutrition challenge are awarded points for engaging in eating behaviours that have an immediate impact on their energy and brain power such as eating a healthy breakfast, staying hydrated and eating recommended amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Reporting results and employee feedback

Team managers and company administrators can access real time reports and statistics during the event. Once the Challenge is finished a full report is provided that tracks every metric (activity, nutrition, weight loss) and also includes employee feedback and survey results.

What they say

"Staff members are commenting to me that this initiative has been more successful than anything they have seen before. People are out walking at lunch time, the carpark is empty in the morning with people cycling and walking to work. The soft drink dispenser has gone and the lunches being eaten are looking very healthy.…"Anne, HR Manager Blood Service

"I just want to say thank you because I've gone from a person who went home and crashed on the couch after work each day because I was so tired, to an active person.  I have lost weight, I feel stronger and generally happier overall than when I started."Kate, Fuji Xerox

"The challenge was amazing, I loved it!!! Not only did it make exercising fun it really encouraged good relationships around the business. I haven't had a sick day, my blood pressure is down and I have lost 5kg. Absolutely marvellous & I wish I could just do it all the time.." "Sarah, Telstra Clear