How much does it cost?

We customise events to our clients requirements so will provide a quote once we have discussed your target entrant numbers, level of customisation (for example would you like entrants to commence the challenge from one of your buildings and be greeted by your CEO at the finish line) and what each entrant will receive.

To discuss creating your event please contact us today.

What they say

"I ran a quick analysis of our sick leave hours for the three months the Challenge ran as compared to the same period the year before. The sick leave hours for when the Challenge was running were only 51.4% of the same period last year!" Chief Executive Officer
Framework Trust

Our Pedometer

Normal pedometers have a 'metal on metal contact' counting mechanism.  Imagine a little metal pendulum striking a tiny metal striking plate 10,000 times a day, week after week… no wonder cheap pedometers quickly become inaccurate & un-reliable.

The TWC Pedometer has been independently tested by the Australian Consumers association and features a revolutionary Reed Switch which doesn't have any striking parts to wear out. It is a small magnet that passes over two metal 'reeds' causing an electrical contact which registers your step.

This means a more accurate & reliable pedometer for you!