Why the challenge is so effective

The Challenge is so effective as the personalised fun and entertaining approach secures high participation and completion rates. We designed the Team Challenge to grab the attention and imagination of even the most sedentary person, by delivering a high value and personalised user experience.

The Challenge enables each employee to personalise their experience by building their own unique avatar. You will be amazed at how much discussion this feature generates as entrants build and compare avatars, leading to participation of employees who usually do not take part in wellness initiatives.

Each team has the option to plan their own virtual tourism adventure. They may choose to trek the Inca Trail then visit Manhattan, before heading to Istanbul to visit the Grand Bazaar. This feature taps into the fun and excitement of planning a holiday and ensures teams take ownership of completing the course.

Entrants stay engaged because it is fun and entertaining to complete the event; reaching activity targets is rewarded by viewing a video of their team exploring each destination reached, interacting with other teams and receiving personalised support and encouragement from the event coach.

What they say

"I must admit at the beginning I was very sceptical that this year's challenge would live up to the standard of the GCC but I was really impressed with the work that went into this challenge and congratulate all concerned. It exceeded my expectations and will be looking forward to participating again next year."John, Southern Health employee

"The website , graphics and animations are amazing. Very clever and it kept me coming back. Best I've seen for interacting with the audience. Well done." Steve, Railcorp Employee

"It made me do more activities because I enjoyed seeing the video’s of my team exploring each destination. Now I want to visit places I had no interest in. Thanks for the Challenge I really enjoyed it"Mary, Optus employee

"I enjoyed looking forward to the animations as to what we did in each country, how many days it took and what the next country brought. I would now like to holiday in some off them."Sarah, District Health Board Employee